Nespresso's Direct Marketing for the Festive Season

'Tis the season to get colourful! And Nespresso's latest gift catalogue does just that. Not only do you experience 'joy in every cup', there are splashes of joy on every page. Each page is bursting with fun and festive pattern, colour and exuberance. 



Front cover

This makes me think of liquorice all sorts and lifesaver sweets, carnival time and splashing out. It's like receiving a box of sugar-spiked goodies rather than a catalogue.

Matt lamination and gloss spot UV give the cover a luxurious feel.



Back cover

And it's an assault of joyful pods here. Who could resist them, really?

In fact, I'm going to make myself a coffee now...




Such inviting and inspiring little colour bombs to showcase each product. Love it!




Nice little change of layout here to feature two limited edition variation coffees.



Offer – front

And those likeable little pods are back! At first I thought they were individual stickers but much to my daughter's dismay, they didn't lift. However, they do have a gloss spot UV layer on them which somewhat makes up for the sticker sadness.



Offer – back

It's down to business here but by the time you get here, you're fully convinced that you will indeed have "many joyful moments this Festive season with Nespresso".

And may you truly have many joyful moments this Festive season, with or without Nespresso xx


Esther is a freelance graphic designer and blog writer based in Adelaide, South Australia.